The eSIM Card offers numerous benefits when it comes to consuming the internet, using call functionality, and messaging your loved ones while you travel abroad. Since traditional SIMs were quite inconsistent in offering you network reliability while you travel to international borders, eSIM makes the process quite easy and convenient while you travel to any country. In this blog, we will discuss why eSIM is the new connectivity solution for UAE.

Why Buy an eSIM card?

The eSIM card is completely different from physical SIM cards as it is embedded inside the chipset of the smartphone. These days, numerous smartphone manufacturers like Apple, Samsung, OnePlus, etc., are utilizing the concept of eSIM to allow users the convenience to use SIM while they travel. In UAE also, people prefer phones with eSIM to make their journey smooth.

Reasons to Consider eSIM in UAE

There are various reasons why people in UAE consider eSIM Cards:

2. No Roaming Costs: The roaming costs are soaring high, and anybody traveling to UAE from any country would not prefer such high costs while switching to the cellular network of their home country. In such cases, you can buy eSIM card to access the internet, calls, and messaging without paying any additional roaming costs.

3. Helps You to Travel with Ease: In general, the physical SIM card activation process is quite lengthy, which requires you to fill out documentation and forms to get the SIM activated. In the case of eSIM, you don’t need to perform any tedious documentation as the whole process is online.

4.  eSIM are environmentally friendly: The physical SIM cards are made of plastic, and they usually generate huge waste. By eliminating the need to buy physical SIM cards, it is possible to eliminate the chunk of plastic waste that is created while discarding lakhs of sim cards every year. In general, every individual discards the SIM when they travel to international destinations.

5. Helps You to Keep Multiple Numbers: You can keep multiple numbers while using eSIM on your smartphone. This was not possible with physical SIM cards as you need to swap sim every time you change number, and it was not possible to keep more than two SIMs on your phone.

Why is eSIM Booming in UAE?

The eSIM offers the convenience to switch cellular network providers and also saves you huge costs in terms of additional roaming charges that get incurred when you travel to different countries. Another benefit is that it also lets you choose the network carrier and plans as per your needs and preferences. You can buy UAE eSIM for internet, calls, and messaging with validity as per your requirement. This makes the process of having a SIM card quite easy.